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OVERVIEW of Pizza Plates

VERTIS introduces the stove top pizza PLATES: 100 % flameproof. Use them for serving hot snacks like idly, vada, samosas, cutlets etc. You can actually prepare mini pizzas with the plates in the conventional oven and serve them hot on the table. Reheat your favourite samosas in the oven or directly over the flame. You can also use them to store small quantities in the refrigerator.

  • Flame proof, withstands 500 deg C
  • Microwave Proof, Conventional Oven proof, Dish wash Safe
  • Ecofriendly, contains no heavy metals
  • Clear and transparent. Non porous, does not absorb stains or odor. Remains clear even after repeated use.


Pizza Plates 

Available in

Set of 2 Quarter Plates : OD : 17.5 | H : 3 cm.

Set of 2 Half Plates : OD : 20 | H : 3 cm


Title: Enhance Every Slice with VERTIS Borosilicate Glass Pizza Plates


Indulging in a delicious slice of pizza is a culinary experience like no other. Elevate this beloved tradition to new heights with VERTIS Borosilicate Glass Pizza Plates. Crafted with precision and innovation, these plates are designed to enhance your pizza enjoyment while offering unmatched durability, heat resistance, and aesthetics. Whether you’re a pizza aficionado or someone who simply appreciates quality dining, VERTIS Borosilicate Glass Pizza Plates are the perfect addition to your table.

Unveiling the Features of the pizza plates:

Premium Borosilicate Craftsmanship:

VERTIS borosilicate glass pizza plates are a testament to quality. Crafted from premium 3.3 borosilicate glass, these plates boast exceptional durability and resilience. The unique composition of borosilicate glass ensures that your plates can handle high temperatures without compromising their integrity, making them ideal for piping hot, fresh-out-of-the-oven pizza.

Heat-Resistant Excellence : Say goodbye to lukewarm pizza and hello to sizzling slices. VERTIS Borosilicate Glass Pizza Plates can withstand rapid temperature changes, ensuring your pizza remains hot from the first bite to the last. Whether you’re enjoying a classic Margherita or a loaded meat-lover’s delight, these plates keep your pizza at its mouthwatering best.

Visual Delight: Presentation is key to a memorable dining experience. The crystal-clear clarity of borosilicate glass transforms your pizza into a visual masterpiece. Admire the intricate details of each topping, from the vibrant vegetables to the melted cheese, as you savor every bite.

Generous Sizing:

VERTIS understands that pizza comes in all sizes. These glass plates are generously sized to accommodate various pizza dimensions, from personal pan to family-sized pies. Now you can enjoy your favorite pizza style without worrying about overflow or imbalance.

A Cut Above:

Easily slice through your pizza without a hint of resistance. VERTIS Borosilicate Glass Pizza Plates provide a smooth surface that’s knife-friendly, allowing you to effortlessly cut and enjoy each slice without leaving a mark.

Easy-Care Convenience:

Cleaning up after a delicious meal should be a breeze. VERTIS Borosilicate Glass Pizza Plates are non-porous and resistant to stains, making post-pizza cleanup a hassle-free task. Simply wipe them down or toss them in the dishwasher for quick and efficient maintenance.

Versatility Beyond Pizza:

While VERTIS Borosilicate Glass Pizza Plates are designed with pizza perfection in mind, their versatility extends to other culinary delights. Use them as elegant serving platters for appetizers, charcuterie, desserts, and more, elevating your hosting game for any occasion.

Environmentally Conscious Choice: By choosing VERTIS Borosilicate Glass Pizza Plates, you’re making an eco-friendly decision. The longevity and recyclability of borosilicate glass contribute to reducing single-use waste, aligning with your commitment to sustainability.

Safe and Sanitary:

Unlike some plastic or ceramic plates, borosilicate glass is non-reactive and non-porous, ensuring that your pizza’s flavors remain unaltered. Enjoy the pure taste of your favorite pizza ingredients without any lingering aftertaste.


Indulge in the ultimate pizza experience with VERTIS Borosilicate Glass Pizza Plates. From their heat-resistant brilliance to their visually captivating clarity, these plates are a testament to the perfect balance between form and function. Elevate your pizza nights, celebrate special occasions, or simply relish your culinary creations with plates that embody durability, aesthetics, and sustainability. Discover a new level of pizza perfection with VERTIS Borosilicate Glass Pizza Plates – where every slice becomes a masterpiece.



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