Take Care When Cooking Smart with VERTIS® Cookware


·       Avoid sudden temperature change like placing hot glassware to wet surface, or to top of stove, or metal or damp cloth or directly in sink.

·       Keep in fridge only after dish has completely cooled.

·       For reheating, allow dish to reach room temperature.

·       Avoid impact like dropping or knocking against a hard surface.

·       Use mitts to hold hot glassware by the rims.

·       Avoid microwave misuse, refer manufacturer’s instructions.

·       Always use a wooden spatula while cooking.

·       Always use a wooden spatula for stirring, cooking, or serving.

·       For scratch free surface, avoid abrasive scouring agents to clean.

·       For Hot plates, use a wire grid or heat diffuser.

·       Always add liquid prior to cooking meat or vegetables.

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