WHY VERTIS®?  A few good reasons:

VERTIS® COOKWARE is Flameproof:

    1. Against each product is mentioned Flameproof. What does it mean? You can place the glass on your gas stove and cook food directly on the flame just like stainless steel (SS) or Aluminium (Al).
    2. Really, how is this even possible? VERTIS® glass is made from 3 borosilicate glass which can withstand a temperature of 500 °C.
    3. Does that mean you can also place VERTIS® glass in the conventional oven or microwave? Absolutely! When it can go direct on the flame, oven and microwaving are just very easy for VERTIS®. 

Slow cooking, but faster cooking with VERTIS®

    1. What is slow cooking? With VERTIS®, you keep the gas stove in “SIM” mode – use the low flame to take advantage of the benefits of slow cooking and retain the nutrients in the food.
    2. So will it take a long time for the food to cook? Absolutely not! VERTIS® glass uses convection – localized heating results in the food next to the flame to cook first, then it rises to the top. The food in the top comes down and that gets cooked. Therefore, the cooking is uniform and actually faster than SS or Al.
    3. So does that mean less fuel consumption? YES! A lot of fuel is unnecessarily wasted in heating the SS and Al vessels and the heat transfer to the food happens only after the vessel gets heated. With VERTIS®, the heat transfer is direct, as glass is a bad conductor of heat.
    4. Are you saying I can replace my SS and Al with this? Try it to believe it. Food tastes better because each grain is not only cooked but also does not stick to other grains. 

Wait! Heavier the glass, better is the quality, isn’t it?

  • That’s only a perception. Which manufacturer would not want to save on raw material and expensive furnaces to make the glass thin? It is just that in the last century manufacturers have not found a way to make glass thin. Thicker glass will crack and is not heat resistant. VERTIS® glass is different because it is not ordinary soda glass. It is heat resistant and flameproof!

Wait! How about cleaning?

  1. Very easy! VERTIS® glass is non-porous, so it does not absorb stains from your food. Minimal soft soap cleaning is required and there is less wastage of water. It also goes in the dishwasher, don’t worry!

Are there any other advantages with VERTIS®

  1. Yes, a very big one. There are no heavy metals in the glass. There are always traces of heavy metals in the manufacturing process of SS and Al. Also, no Cadmium or Cobalt to make the glass look unnecessarily blue.
  2. Multi-utility convenience: Cook, Bake, Store, Serve, and Prepare – take the food directly from the flame to the dining table for serving.
  3. Clear & Transparent: See through without distortion. Unlike normal glass, remains clear even after multiple cooking cycles and does not turn foggy.

So VERTIS® must be expensive 

  • Not quite. We have kept the prices low so that you can make the switch and start leading a healthier life. Start today! Say no to plastics, stay hydrated with VERTIS® water bottles for daily use. Take advantage of the airtight storage range of jars and canisters from VERTIS® – truly airtight and liquid tight.

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