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VERTIS® is not a conventional glass manufacturer company, and we have no intention of being one. Right from the time we started up in 2010, we have strived to innovate and create unconventional Kitchen Glassware products. Our kitchen glassware, light weight that they are, appear strange compared to the heavy glassware available in the market.

Right From the start, when we stumbled upon a unique way to make clear kitchen glass, we have only competed with ourselves to improve in the quest to offer meaningful solutions for the kitchen.

VERTIS® glassware is made from 3.3 thermal expansion borosilicate glass and our Cookware range is Flameproof – it can be placed directly over the gas stove to cook food.

It is also Microwave proof and Conventional Oven proof. In short, VERTIS® glass withstands 500°C. To know more, click on Why VERTIS

Why are we super excited about our offering? Fundamentally we believe every substrate that is used in the kitchen – stainless steel, aluminium, plastic, ceramic – can be replaced by VERTIS®. Plastic water bottles will be replaced by our glass bottles – so pure that it does not leave any additives to your food. No heavy metals and not to miss the savings in fuel consumption.

Our endeavour is not just to produce great glassware but at every step of whatever we do, we would want all operations to be self sustaining – and to keep reminding ourselves each day, we have “green” products made from environment friendly operations. 

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