Cook and Serve Casserole

Glass Cook and Serve Casserole Clear Ver 1 Flameproof


Borosilicate Glass Serving Bowl Cooking Bowl Clear Ver 1 Flameproof

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Serving Bowl Cooking Bowl

Mixing Bowls & Cooking Bowls Clear Ver 1 Flameproof


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OVERVIEW of VERTIS Mixing Bowls and Cooking Bowls

VERTIS Mixing Bowls & Cooking Bowls are completely FLAME PROOF. Cook the Dal or Sambar when you are not using them for Mixing or Preparation. The clear glass now makes serving salads, fruits, fried rice or vegetable gravy look colorful and appetizing. The bowl is optimally designed to be mechanically strong for mixing and light weight to be placed on the flame.



  • Flame Proof Withstands 500 Deg C. Stovetop Safe.
  • Microwave Proof, Conventional Oven proof
  • Volume = 500 mL. Dimensions: Top Dia=14 cm. Height=7 cm
  • Volume = 1000 mL. Dimensions: Top Dia=16 cm. Height=8 cm
  • Volume = 1500 mL. Dimensions: Top Dia=18 cm. Height=9 cm
  • Dish wash Safe
  • Eco friendly, contains no Heavy Metals


Title: VERTIS Borosilicate Glass Mixing Bowls and Cooking Bowls: The Food Preparation essential

Introduction to VERTIS MIXING Bowls Cooking Bowls:

In the world of culinary craftsmanship, having the right tools can make all the difference. Introducing the VERTIS Borosilicate Glass Mixing Bowl and Cooking Bowl – an exceptional blend of innovation and functionality that elevates your kitchen experience. Crafted from premium borosilicate glass, these versatile bowls redefine the art of mixing, baking, and cooking. Whether you’re a professional chef or an aspiring home cook, these bowls are designed to meet your culinary needs with unmatched heat resistance, durability, and style.

Unveiling the Features:

Borosilicate Brilliance of Mixing Bowls and Cooking Bowls:

The VERTIS mixing bowls are meticulously crafted from 3.3 borosilicate glass, a hallmark of durability and thermal resilience. This unique composition equips the bowls to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, ensuring they remain unscathed even when transitioning from freezer to oven. Say goodbye to shattered glass mishaps and hello to worry-free culinary adventures.

Versatile Vessels:

Elevate your culinary creativity with a range of applications. The VERTIS bowls shine as mixing bowls, baking bowls, kitchen essentials, batter bowls, and more. Their adaptability makes them an indispensable asset for various cooking tasks, from whipping up cake batter to creating savory sauces.

Pyrex Heritage:

Drawing inspiration from the original Corning Pyrex lineage, VERTIS brings you the next evolution of glass kitchenware. The VERTIS Borosilicate Glass Mixing Bowl and Cooking Bowl inherit the legacy of Pyrex’s commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation.

Microwave Magic:

Embrace convenience with confidence.

The VERTIS bowls are microwave-safe, allowing you to seamlessly transition from meal prep to warm-up. Reheat your delectable creations without worrying about chemical leaching or food contamination.

A Symphony of Transparency:

The crystal-clear clarity of borosilicate glass grants you a front-row seat to your culinary symphony. Easily monitor the blending, kneading, and mixing processes without lifting a lid, ensuring perfect results every time.

Non-Reactive Resilience:

Bid farewell to lingering odors and flavors. Borosilicate glass is inherently non-reactive, ensuring that your masterpieces retain their original flavors without absorbing any unwanted tastes or scents.

Aesthetically Pleasing Mixing Boals and Cooking Bowls:

With sleek contours and a modern aesthetic, the VERTIS Borosilicate Glass Mixing Bowls and Cooking Bowls not only elevate your cooking space but also serve as elegant serving vessels. Transition seamlessly from kitchen prep to stylish presentation.

Stack and Store:

Embrace organization with the stackable design of the VERTIS bowls. Nest them neatly in your cabinet or on your countertop, optimizing space and simplifying storage.

Freezer-Friendly Mixing Bowls and Cooking Bowls:

Preserve your culinary creations for later enjoyment. The VERTIS bowls’ freezer-safe nature ensures that your soups, stews, and sauces remain perfectly chilled and ready for future feasts.

Eco-Conscious Choice:

Join the movement toward sustainability. By investing in VERTIS Borosilicate Glass Mixing Bowls and Cooking Bowls, you’re contributing to reducing kitchen waste, as these bowls are designed to stand the test of time.


The VERTIS Borosilicate Glass Mixing Bowls and Cooking Bowls revolutionize your kitchen experience, seamlessly blending innovation, functionality, and aesthetics. From their heat-resistance prowess to their versatility in various culinary applications, these bowls cater to the needs of chefs and home cooks alike. Elevate your cooking journey with these modern essentials that pay homage to tradition while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Choose VERTIS – where tradition meets innovation in the heart of your kitchen.


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500 mL, 1L, 1.5L


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