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Akhand Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector Clear Ver 1


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Pyali Diya

Poona Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector Clear Ver 1


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OVERVIEW of Poona Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector

VERTIS introduces Brass Poona Diya, a must for a serene puja room. The glass comes from the versatile VERTIS glass composition (3.3 low thermal expansion borosilicate glass) which withstands a temperature of 500 Deg C. Clear and transparent glass helps in better light transmission. Thin and uniform wall of the glass helps in withstanding thermal shock and the glass lasts longer. Controlled dimensions and a beaded rim help in better fitment to the fixture, helps conserving oil. The glass envelop is preferable over an open flamed diya and can be used even under the fan: a must for every puja room or the drawing room. Contents : Brass Diya, VERTIS Glass Chimney, Cotton Wick, Pitambari Brass cleaning powder.


Poona Diya


  • VERTIS glass made from 3.3 borosilicate glass: extra strong, lasts longer
  • Clear & Transparent : better light transmission
  • Thin and Uniform Wall : Withstands thermal shock; lasts longer
  • Controlled Dimensions: Better fitment to fixture; conserves oil.
  • Beaded Rim : Better fitment to fixture; conserves fuel
  • The Poona Diyas come in 4 sizes
    • Medium 77 : Diya Dimensions : OD 5.6 cm x H 4 cm | Glass Cover Dimensions : OD 7.7 cm x H 8 cm
    • XM 90 : Diya Dimensions : OD 5.8 cm x H 4.8 cm | Glass Cover Dimensions : OD 9 cm x H 9 cm
    • Regular 108 : Diya Dimensions : OD 6.8 cm x H 6.2 cm | Glass Cover Dimensions : OD 10.8 cm x H 11.5 cm
    • Large 120 : Diya Dimensions : OD 7.5 cm x H 7.2 cm | Glass Cover Dimensions : OD 12 cm x H 13 cm

DESCRIPTION of Poona Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector

VERTIS Poona Diya with Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector – An Exquisite Brass Oil Lamp for Festive and Spiritual Celebrations


Experience the beauty and radiance of Indian traditions with the VERTIS Poona Diya, an elegant brass oil lamp that embodies the essence of cultural heritage. Crafted with precision and artistry, this exquisite lamp comes with a Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector, ensuring that the sacred flame remains undisturbed even in the presence of gentle breezes. Whether for religious ceremonies or as a stunning centerpiece during festivals, the VERTIS Poona Diya is the perfect amalgamation of art, spirituality, and functionality.

Why Choose VERTIS Poona Diya with Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector?

Superior Craftsmanship:

The VERTIS Poona Diya is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans who infuse their passion and expertise into every detail. The brass material lends the lamp a classic golden hue, while the intricate patterns and designs carved on its surface showcase the rich artistic heritage of India.

Traditional Significance:

In Hindu culture, lighting a Diya signifies the triumph of light over darkness and the attainment of knowledge over ignorance. The VERTIS Poona Diya embodies these symbolic meanings, making it a perfect addition to religious ceremonies, auspicious occasions, and festivals.


With its thoughtfully designed compartments to hold oil and wicks, the VERTIS Poona Diya allows for multiple wicks to be lit simultaneously. This feature ensures a brighter and more captivating illumination, adding a magical touch to any setting.

Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector:

The Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector is a unique addition to the VERTIS Poona Diya, elevating its functionality. This glass cover shields the flame from gentle gusts of wind, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Now, you can create an enchanting atmosphere without worrying about the flame flickering out.

Symbol of Prosperity:

Apart from its spiritual significance, the VERTIS Poona Diya is also a symbol of prosperity and abundance. Its presence in homes and gatherings is believed to attract positive energies and blessings.

Easy Maintenance:

The brass material of the VERTIS Poona Diya ensures its long-lasting durability. The lamp requires simple cleaning and occasional polishing to maintain its radiant shine, ensuring it remains a cherished item for generations to come.

How to Use the VERTIS Poona Diya with Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector

Using the VERTIS Poona Diya is a straightforward and enriching experience. Follow these steps to light up the lamp and immerse yourself in its divine glow:

Prepare the Diya:

Gently remove the Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector to access the oil and wick compartments. Fill the compartments with your preferred lamp oil and place cotton wicks in each holder.

Light the Wicks:

Carefully light the wicks using a matchstick or a taper. As the flames come alive, take a moment to connect with the spiritual significance of the lamp.

Place the Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector:

After lighting the wicks, place the Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector securely over the flame. The glass cover will safeguard the flame from any gentle breezes, allowing it to burn steadily.

Find the Perfect Spot:

Whether you’re using the VERTIS Poona Diya indoors or outdoors, find a safe and stable surface to place the lamp. Its radiant glow will instantly create an enchanting ambiance.

Admire the Beauty:

Take a moment to admire the exquisite craftsmanship and the warm glow emanating from the VERTIS Poona Diya. Let its radiance fill your heart and surroundings with positivity and joy.

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The VERTIS Poona Diya with Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector is a captivating and functional masterpiece that embodies the spirit of Indian traditions. Its mesmerizing design, combined with the Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector, ensures a serene and uninterrupted flame that brings peace and prosperity to your home. Whether you use it for religious ceremonies, festive celebrations, or as a decorative centerpiece, the VERTIS Poona Diya will be a timeless addition to your cultural and spiritual journey. Illuminate your life with the VERTIS Poona Diya and experience the essence of ancient traditions in a modern setting.


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Medium 77, XM 90, Regular 108, Large 120


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