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Pyali Diya Lamp Cover Wind Protector Clear VER 1


Glass Agal Vilakku Set of 6 Flameproof Clear Ver 1

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Glass Agal Vilakku

Lotus Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector Clear VER 1


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OVERVIEW of Lotus Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector

VERTIS introduces Brass Lotus Diya, a must for a serene puja room. The glass comes from the versatile VERTIS glass composition (3.3 low thermal expansion borosilicate glass) which withstands a temperature of 500 Deg C. Clear and transparent glass helps in better light transmission. Thin and uniform wall of the glass helps in withstanding thermal shock and the glass lasts longer. Controlled dimensions and a beaded rim help in better fitment to the fixture, helps conserving oil. The glass envelop is preferable over an open flamed diya and can be used even under the fan: a must for every puja room or the drawing room. Contents : Brass Diya, VERTIS Glass Chimney, Cotton Wick, Pitambari Brass cleaning powder.

  • VERTIS glass made from 3.3 borosilicate glass: extra strong, lasts longer
  • Clear & Transparent : better light transmission
  • Thin and Uniform Wall : Withstands thermal shock; lasts longer
  • Controlled Dimensions: Better fitment to fixture; conserves oil.
  • Beaded Rim : Better fitment to fixture; conserves fuel
  • Available in 4 sizes :
    • SIZE 1 : OD 6.2 cm | Height 9 cm : Glass OD : 10.8 cm | H : 15 cm
    • SIZE 2 : OD 7.0 cm | Height 11 cm : Glass OD : 10.8 cm | H : 15 cm
    • SIZE 3 : OD 8.0 cm | Height 12 cm : Glass OD : 10.8 cm | H : 19 cm
    • SIZE 4 : OD 9.0 cm | Height 13 cm : Glass OD : 10.8 cm | H : 15 cm


Lotus Diya

DESCRIPTION of VERTIS Lotus Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector

Title: Illuminate Serenity with VERTIS Lotus Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector

Introduction to the Lotus Diya:

Welcome to the world of divine radiance and spiritual charm with VERTIS Lotus Diya and the innovative Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector. Crafted with the finest brass material and designed in the exquisite shape of a lotus flower, this remarkable Diya combines beauty, functionality, and safety to enhance your religious ceremonies, festivities, and home decor. Let us delve into the details of this timeless piece that will illuminate your surroundings with an aura of serenity.

Unparalleled Design and Craftsmanship of the Lotus Diya:

The VERTIS Lotus Diya stands tall as a symbol of purity and enlightenment with its captivating lotus-shaped design. Every intricate detail of its brass petals showcases the skilled craftsmanship of our artisans, ensuring a stunning visual appeal. As a result, this Diya is not merely a religious artifact but a true masterpiece that adds an artistic touch to any space.

Superior Material Quality:

Made from high-quality brass, the VERTIS Lotus Diya boasts exceptional durability and a lustrous golden finish. This ensures that your Diya remains a timeless treasure, passed down through generations. The robust brass construction also guarantees the Diya’s ability to withstand the test of time and maintain its radiant elegance, even after extended use.

Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector for the Lotus Diya:

Incorporating innovation for enhanced functionality, VERTIS introduces the Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector. Crafted from premium quality glass, this accessory is custom-designed to fit seamlessly over the Lotus Diya. Its purpose is to safeguard the flame from the interference of gusty winds, ensuring a steady and uninterrupted glow during outdoor ceremonies and festivities.

Enhanced Safety

Safety is paramount during worship or any ceremonial event involving open flames. The Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector minimizes the risk of accidental fires caused by falling objects or curious hands, providing peace of mind to devotees and organizers alike.

Longer Burning Duration

The Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector extends the burning duration of the Akhand Diya by preserving the flame’s intensity. With this protective cover, the Diya’s oil consumption is optimized, reducing the need for frequent refilling.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

VERTIS takes pride in designing products that are easy to maintain. The Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector can be effortlessly cleaned, ensuring that the Diya remains sparkling and ready for each auspicious occasion.

Versatility at its Best:

While the VERTIS Lotus Diya holds its significance in religious rituals, it transcends its traditional usage. With the Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector, you can confidently use this Diya as a radiant centerpiece for indoor and outdoor home decor. Enrich your living room, patio, or garden with the mesmerizing glow of this sacred piece, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

Elevating Spiritual Experiences:

The Lotus Diya represents an integral part of various spiritual practices, signifying the journey from darkness to light. As you light the wick, basking in the ethereal glow of the Diya, you invite positive energy and peace into your surroundings. The VERTIS Lotus Diya serves as a conduit to elevate your spiritual experiences, making your moments of prayer and meditation even more meaningful.

Here are a number of options to choose from the collection of exquisite brass diyas :

  1. VERTIS Akhand Diya
  2. VERTIS Pyali Diya
  3. VERTIS Poona Diya
  4. VERTIS Kuthu Vilakku

A Gift of Blessings:

As a symbol of prosperity and spirituality, the VERTIS Lotus Diya with Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector makes for a thoughtful and auspicious gift. Present it to your loved ones during festivals, weddings, housewarmings, or any other celebratory occasions, and bestow upon them a gift of blessings and good fortune.


In conclusion, the VERTIS Lotus Diya and Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector amalgamate tradition, innovation, and elegance into a single radiant package. Its awe-inspiring lotus design, durable brass construction, and the added protection of the glass cover make it a valuable addition to any home or sacred space. Illuminate your life with the divine glow of VERTIS Lotus Diya and embrace the spiritual essence it brings forth. Experience the magic of serenity as you light up your life and the lives of those you hold dear. Get your VERTIS Lotus Diya with Diya Glass Cover Wind Protector today and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of enlightenment and tranquility.

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